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Name    ENEX GROUP s.r.o.
Registered by municipal court in Prague, section C, enclosure number 105688
Place of businessBiskupský dvůr 2095/8, 110 00 - Praha 1, Czech Republic


1. Services in project development engineering

2. Implementation of construction works, alterations and abolition

3. Manufacture, business and services not stated in annex 1 and 3 of Czech Trade Act
In businesses as:

  • Services in business management and administration
  • Consultancy, expertise and references processing
  • Research and development in the area of biological, technical or social science
  • Electrical installation engineering
  • Manufacturing of gauging, testing, navigating, optical and photographic devices and equipment
  • Manufacturing of machines and appliances
  • Manufacturing, development, engineering, testing, installation, maintenance, revision and structural modification of aircraft, aircraft’s engine, airscrews, aircraft’s parts and equipment and air ground equipment
  • Manufacturing of railway driving vehicles, trams, trolley buses, cable railway vehicles and rolling-stocks
  • Maintenance of motor vehicles and their facilities
  • Testing, gauging, analyses and monitoring
  • Technical support administration
  • Pipeline and ground transport (except for railway and road transport)
  • Operating the postal and foreign postal services
  • Manufacturing of building materials, ceramics /stoneware and plaster ware products
  • Manufacturing of synthetic substances, fibers and cosmetic products
  • Preparatory and final building workings and specialized building activities
  • Landscape engineering
  • Publishing, printing production, bookbinding and copy business
  • Manufacturing, reproduction, distribution, sales, renting of sound and image data records and manufacturing of blank data carriers
  • Providing software, IT consultancy, data processing, hosting and related activities and web portal
  • Advertising, marketing, media representation
  • Running and supervising cultural, educational and entertainment facilities, managing cultural performances, shows, exhibitions, trade fairs, parades, trading and such events
  • Providing services for agriculture, horticulture, fishpond cultivation, silviculture and hunting
  • Inspecting water piping, drainage and water cultivation and distribution
  • Waste handling (except of the hazardous waste)
  • Trade and services intermediation
  • Wholesale and retailing



  • Complex problem solving and utilization in the area of energetics for business, apartment buildings, family houses, from the concept to execution.
  • Feasibility studies for energy low-cost devices with focus on renewable resources.
  • Examination of objects and buildings for energy requirements and consumption, optimizing the operational costs for heating, cooling and lighting.
  • Administration of requests and providing required documentation to fulfill the requirements for redeeming financial support from the appropriate programs of Ministry departments in Czech Republic and from the operational program of EU funds.
  • Providing the implementation of realized works and technological equipment and energetics aggregates deliveries.

Transport Infrastructure

  • Implementation of the studies, diagnostics, gauging & transport route parameters monitoring
  • Analyses and concepts of technical & technological solutions for gauging devices
  • Diagnostic and communication environment solutions
  • Analyses of the intelligent transportation systems and telematics systems in transport infrastructure
  • Production of railway driving vehicles, railway vehicles and rolling- stocks
  • Integrated realization of gauging technologies and devices delivery
  • Projecting and complex delivery of electrical and transport-technical equipment
  • Special services for electro-energetics projects

Building Industry

  • Providing investor with the technical supervision during the building implementation
  • Authorship supervision of the designer during the building realization
  • Administering the building works and building material, equipment, technologies deliveries.
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