Technical-Engineering services

  • Feasibility studies processing for energy cost efficient energetic devices with focus on renewable energetic resources (thermal pump, cogeneration units, solar thermal panels, photovoltaic panels, small water resources, wind and geothermal energy).
  • Complex energetic solution processing for administrative, apartment and family houses, including project and realization with focus on modern and ecological solutions.
  • Designing the power cost-efficient devices for family and apartment houses, offices, administration and other industry buildings.
  • Buildings/property reviews for the power requirements based on legal notice no. 148/2007 Sb. Guideline EPBD 2002/91/ES.
  • Buildings/property assessment of the power requirements and consumption for an appointed period (hours, days, moths, years) attaining the operational costs optimization of heating, cooling, air conditioning, lighting.
  • Administration of applications and delivery of mandatory enclosures (feasibility studies, financial reports, other required documents ) for successful redemption of financial resources from appropriate programs of ministry departments CR and from Operational programs of European Structural Funds.


Construction / technical and implementation works

Support and implementation of technical supervision during the building realization

  • Consignment and taking over the building site, ensuring the legitimacy of the building protocol
  • Supervision of the building permit implementation and securing the government inspection of construction over the building time
  • Providing the systematic supplement of the documents needed for the building execution, filing the completed documents.
  • Negotiating the supplements and revisions of the contract which do not lengthen the deadline and do not deteriorate the building parameters.
  • Control over the cost legitimacy and the completeness of the rating documents and invoices, reviewing and balancing them with the contract conditions, consequently presenting to the client.
  • Cooperation on amendment and clearing of the potential mistakes in the contract
  • Monitoring the appointed material testing, constructions and the building outgrowth. Inspecting the quality of the working outcomes ( certificates, testimonials, protocols)
  • Inspecting the building and assembling protocol reporting.
  • Control over the building site’s working time table and its proceeding in correlation with the given regulations.
  • Preparing the final evaluation document.
  • Presenting the consignment documents or parts of it, participating on work reception and final building approval.
  • Control over the defect and backlogs dismantling .

The head designer’s inspection of the building over the construction time

  • Attending the controlling days in cooperation with the investor
  • Inspecting the building site and verifying the accuracy with the project documentation
  • Assisting with consultations and clarifications over the project documents
  • Professional approach to a problem solving and responsible cooperation on amendment of details arising from the project’s lack of detailed propositions or malfunctioning of the other stakeholders during the construction.
  • Examining and authorizing altered concepts of the project
  • Processing of the authorized technical concept change
  • Supervising the test assembling required trials and controls or providing the expertise of structural designer.
  • Cooperation with the investor’s technical inspection on solving problems with the contractor.
  • Control of the technological implementation, proposed materials and technologies.

Securing the service implementation, technology appliance delivery and energetic units

Energetic-technological supply in the area of transport energetics:

  • Development, reconstruction, renovation and revision of electrical devices, substations, substations without voltage limitation and electric power sources.
  • Electrician work of any kind
  • Revisions of the electrical devices without voltage limitation, including lightning conductor
  • Manufacturing the made to measure fuse boards
  • Engineering-technical activity in the area of electro energetic and thermo energetic
  • Research and development of electronic devices used for electro exegetics, according to client’s requests
  • Special services for electro energetics (verifying the electric wiring parameters, gauging, settings and revisions of electrical safeguard).
  • Complex delivery of the tractive supply station and converter station including the entry substation and control systems.
  • Delivery and assembling of the distribution transformation station, fuse boards, electrical preheating devices used for the railway vehicle, electrical heating of the railway turnouts, engine drive and isolators, remote management module.


    Providing the building services, building material, products and technology delivery

    • Selecting the subcontractors and ensuring the cooperative contractual relations
    • Implementation of building constructions, work and subcontractors’ deliveries coordination.
    • Providing building package deals.
    • Offering the supply of building materials to the reconstruction ground as well as providing the energy management systems.
    • Offering the supply of building materials, in the energy systems, for the reconstruction and construction of new highways, roads and railways corridors.

      Transportation & Infrastructure

      • Providing and securing services in the area of transport and transportation infrastructure
      • Studies, analysis, gauging and monitoring of railway traffic route parameters (the conditions of railway tract, tractive conducting, chosen communication, safeguarding and computerized devices, electro technical and power supply devices and other specialized gauging in the railway traffic route industry).
      • Designs and solutions for optimizing of the gauging, diagnosing and monitoring devices.
      • Analysis, gauging and the space throughput of the railway projects.
      • Providing of special gauging in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and high frequency interference (EMI).
      • Tractive convection diagnosis.
      • Designing technical and technological solutions for the gauging devices used for tractive conducting diagnosis
      • Analyzing the tractive and non-tractive power take-off, including references and proposals on technically and economically profitable methods for individual take-off.
      • Examination and designing of the railway cabins.
      • Gauging and control of ETCS (European railway security system).
      • Testing of new devices, systems and railway route technologies within the frame railway infrastructure development
      • Communication environment diagnostics
      • Solutions in the field of diagnostics and central diagnostic systems
      • Intelligent transport systems utility analysis and analyzing the telematics in transportation.
      • Studies and proposals for traffic route interoperability provision, according to a technical interoperability and telematic system’s development specifications
      • Demand analyses and a complex IT and a particular carrier’s/transport infrastructure management applied programs’ delivery
      • Manufacturing of railway running vehicles, railway vehicles and a rolling stock
      • Processing the gauging technologies and devices delivery
      • Maintenance of motor vehicle and equipment.
      • Designing of the electric appliances.
      • Providing the complex delivery of electric appliances and it’s implementation.
      • Delivering and transport-technological devices installation.
      • Special services for electroenergetics
      • Consulting services including administration of applications for successful redemption of financial resources from Operational programs of European Structural Funds, focusing on transport infrastructure development.